INCEPTION: Is This Real?


One Consciousness

"So I gaze in your eyes and I wonder: can you take me up?"

INCEPTION: Is This Real?


I'm fly

INCEPTION: Is This Real?


Dear Dearest Friends,

I've chosen to cut this journal short. I'm moving on somewhere else. I'll miss you all!


HALO: Intrigue

Friends-only post

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This journal is friends only.
I post poems, short stories, narratives, flash fiction, whichever labels you like to apply to writing based on certain standards. Just know that I like writing :). I also talk about things that pique my interest - most likely philosophical, metaphysical, social, psychological, et cetera.
My entries and writing may have sexual content or adult language, so don't add me if you don't like any of that stuff.
Leave me a message if you'd like to be friends. Comments for this post are screened for privacy.


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